Projects allows you to create and manage a project with a team, with innovation and modern tools to better visualize the project's progress. Fully integrated with other apps, you can organize, schedule, plan and analyze group tasks.

In project module, once we go to the project it looks like the below image. Project contains company details as well as existing project details,

Now let’s consider the client scenario, The client wants to create a new project.For creating a new project, click the Create button, after clicking a pop-up will be shown

Then the client give the project name as per his requirement, after that he want to select tags.Tags are used to highlight the project. It is used to enlighten the project category.

Once the client click the tags text box existing tags are shown.But he wants to create a new tag for this project. For that he needs to click Create and Edit button, then one pop-up will be shown there we can create the tags

If he wants to create one tag click Save & Close. Or he want to create multiple tags, after giving the tag name click Save & New button. 

After giving the tags, there are some check boxes in the pop-up window

Timesheets, If the client wants to inherit the timesheets of employees he needs to check the box. Using this, client can see the working time of the employees in this project.

Milestones By use of this milestone we can easily set the milestone of the project. For creating milestones go to Configuration -> All Milestones here the client can create a new milestone for this project.

Active Task Template By enabling this, the client can easily use Activated Template Tasks. For creating templates go to Configuration -> Task Template

Last, the client needs to click the Create button to create the project. Once the client click the create button the created project window will be open.

Inside the project the client can see four default stages, this stages indicates the Task’s stages. If the client activate the Active Task Template the task will be placed in the new stage of the project.

We all know a project can have multiple Tasks for creating a new task Click the create button. Now the client click the create button, a pop-up will be shown under the New Stage

For creating a new task the client needs to give the Task Title and the Assigned User. Now click the Add button to create the Task .Click Edit to edit the task. Let’s consider the client needs to give some additional information about the task, So that the client clicks the Edit button,

Here, all the task details are shown. If the client needs to add details he can click the particular button and add details to the task.

Sub task of the Task can be added in the menu. Suppose a ticket can be raised for this task It can be viewed in the ticket menu.

Start Work This task can be assigned to particular user. Now let’s consider this task can be assigned to the client’s Technical team leader. That person view the task, And he start the work By clicking the Start work he can easily add the timesheet of this task At the end of the task he can Stop work. And the timesheet automatically placed in the timesheet module. For more information please refer the Timesheet module.

Now the client have multiple works in the same task. For this situation he can enable the Check Box Once he enable the check box option a new check box tab will be added in the below tabs.

By clicking the Add a Line the client can add the task names. Once he give all the task details and click the save button this task can be viewed under the New Stage.

Now the client create a new project, he wants to edit the project to set some settings. For that he go to project menu dots Edit project.

Inside the projects he can see some brief details about the projects like How many tasks have this project, Which documents are involved with this project, Resources, Tickets and so on.

Here he can set the Timesheets, project start date end date and Shifts which is used in this project can be added.

Here a button named Start project will be shown once we click that button, then the project will be started then it can be closed after the end date or completion of the project. After you click the start project the window will be shown like the below image

Once the project is completed we need to complete the project, for that we need to click the Complete Project button.

In this window we can create a sales order for this project using the button Create Sales Order.

Under the Settings menu we can find other details as well