A Customer Relationship Management (CRM)   helps in managing the existing customers but also for gaining new customers. It is a great tool for organizing the sales activities, automating the tasks and empowering the team in accordance with the customer. It is reputable concept to strengthen relations with the customers and simultaneously reducing the cost and boosting both productivity and profitability in business.

 Lead Management

            A lead is a possible deal for the future. It can be made on the basis of the concept that a customer enquired about a product. Lead can be created from the system and also leads will get from websites, newsletters, and also from other kinds of marketing efforts.

 At First step we need to enable leads option, CRMàConfigurationàSetting

Now an option ‘Lead’ appears in the taskbar. One can create leads directly from CRM and leads can be generated through email as well.

A lead is created by the salesperson from CRM itself, CRM > Leads > Create. This will open a lead creation form.

We mention description about lead and select lead type its sale or purchase. Mention customer and their details like mobile, phone, contact name, email, address and so on.


Tags are the useful feature available in to represent or easily identify the tasks. 

Go to CRMàConfigurationàTagsàCreate

Create a new tag and save. Edit option is used to modify the tags. Now we can see the lead form view and select the tags. Here can select more than one tags and we put color for each tag.


In the lead form we assign the salesperson. How to create a sales person?

 Notes: Please refer Seedor Administration documentation.


After create a user go to the salesperson field select the salesperson, secondary salesperson and additional sales person name. Here, we can assign Daisy customer salesperson and secondary salesperson.

Go to CRMàSalesà Team Pipeline


In the lead form we will assign priority for customer .we can assign priority to Miss.Daisy easily.


Here we can select customer industry. We want to create a new industry go to the ContactsàSeedor ActivityàCreate


Once we create a industries we will check the lead form and select the customer main and secondary industry.

Now we can select Miss. Daisy main and secondary industries.

  Internal Notes

Internal note is a functional feature that you put comment without disturbing followers.